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Stellar Repair for MS SQL Repair SQL DatabaseThe Stellar Repair for MS SQL program is mostly recommended by MS SQL Administrators. The program repairs corrupt SQL database files and recovers inaccessible objects in order to save business data.

SQL recovery program is suitable for repairing encryption including both MDF and NDF SQL database files. MDF (.mdf) is the primary file that contains the database header and system information, while the NDF (.ndf) file is a secondary database file. When corruption occurs within the SQL Server database, it causes the files to fall victim and brings the database into a state of inconsistency. The SQL recovery program performs repair of all objects in the .mdf and .ndf files.

The diverse nature of the program makes it possible to recover all database components such as Indexes, Views, Tables, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Rules, User Defined Functions, Keys and more. In addition, the SQL Server database recovery tool supports recovery of XML indexes and data types, properties set on columns, sparse columns and data file link types.

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Cell phones have become containers of many of our memories thanks to their cameras. Can you imagine what a disaster it would be to lose all your photos? Well, not so much if you have DiskDigger, a recovery tool that can restore images from both the device’s internal memory and your memory card.

Download the APK of this app and you will be able to have on your smatphone an undelete function similar to the one you can have in similar PC programs. It also works in the most adverse conditions, having formatted for example the SD card.

The difference between the two options lies in the depth to which the application can reach. On non-rooted devices the scanning is limited to cache and thumbnails. On the other hand, if you do a scan on rooted devices it looks for traces of the photos in all the files of the terminal.

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If you have your files are on the SD card or your Android is connected as an external hard drive, with its drive letter and icon, you can use any file recovery for Windows, such as the Recuva program, which will help you recover what you have lost.

Recent Android phones and tablets, especially those without SD card, do not connect as a hard drive, but as a media player. The icon that appears in My Computer is different, and there is no drive letter.

Luckily there is a program that does it all for you. It’s called Wondershare Dr.Fone. It’s a utility very similar to Recuva, but specialized for Android, and it takes care of everything necessary to recover data on most phones on its own.

Once Dr.Fone is installed, you have to run it and connect your phone to the PC via USB cable. On the phone you must have the USB Debugging mode enabled (Dr. Fone explains how to do it depending on the Android version).

Once the phone is connected, it will start running a series of diagnostics. Do not disconnect the phone during this phase. If windows appear asking you to confirm the installation of a driver, tell them to go ahead.

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iTop Data Recovery allows you to easily perform file recovery without limitations. It supports more than 1000 file formats. In addition, this Windows data recovery software supports recovery on hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, SSD drives and more. It can even recover data from hard drives that are not detected.

Hint: The success rate of data recovery depends on several factors. For example, how much new data have you written? If you have not performed many operations after deleting the file, it will be easy to recover the files. Earlier recovery guarantees a better chance of recovering the data.

The fast file recovery program is clean and virus-free. No registration is required. And the whole recovery process is reliable and safe. Everything is completed locally. Your data, confidential information and private photos on your computer or hard drive will be recovered offline, which means you have full control over the data recovery process. It is safer to recover data with iTop Data Recovery.

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