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Android spotify on lock screen


The Android 13 operating system has a new feature that prevents you from activating notifications from some apps. This is the restricted setting, and we’ll tell you more about it below.

However, this doesn’t have to scare you, as not all Android users will be affected by this restriction. The vast majority of app stores use the session-based package installer, so they would be exempt from this new feature. The restricted setting has a clear goal: to prevent netizens from enabling dangerous permissions on apps they download through unofficial app stores.

You will be able to test it from the beta version of Android 13, available from the end of April. Until its official release, this version under development allows you to freely test all the functions of the new Android operating system. The difference with previous beta versions is that these simply blocked the accessibility page, while the current one also prevents notification listeners. This is a very powerful API, as it is able to interact with all notifications on behalf of the user. Far from putting facilities, Android 13 has decided to take action against malicious applications to protect the security of its users. And its first step is to block notifications through the new restricted settings feature. How to fix the error «Application not installed» on Android


The screen of your Android phone or tablet can be the second screen of your computer. As simple as it sounds. So you’ll have more space to open apps and documents, watch videos or photos, etc.

The good news is that you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket to have a second screen. You can take advantage of the fact that we have several devices with screens at home. For example, a tablet or your own cell phone. You can use them at the same time or, directly, turn them into a second screen to send part of what you were watching on your computer. A practical and economical way to extend your PC screen. And it’s simpler than it sounds.

The relationship between phones and computers has not always been good. But today we can link them together to share files, make backups or view the contents of one on the other’s screen. What’s more, it’s even possible to send content from your Android to a smart TV.

But in the case at hand, we are going to make your Android the second screen of your PC. And we can do it via WiFi or with a USB cable. Two options to choose from. So you’ll have a few extra pixels and you can extend your computer screen to see more things at once without leaving Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 HOW IT WORKS (The

Good morning, Some time ago, I could change the song or stop it from the lock screen, but since some time ago I can’t.  I’m using Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F).Could you please tell me how to do to see those options again while the phone is locked?  Thank you very much.

Good morning, Some time ago, I could change the song or pause it from the lock screen, but for some time I can not.  I use Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F).Could you tell me how to see those options again while the phone is locked?Thank you very much,Kindly regards.

¡Solucionar – Spotify no se muestra en la pantalla de bloqueo en Android!

Hola,¡Gracias por tu mensaje en la Comunidad!  Esperamos que no te importe que te contestemos en inglés, ya que es el idioma oficial del foro. ¿Podrías compartir con nosotros una captura de pantalla o un vídeo corto de la animación que describes y que estás intentando desactivar?  Puedes enviarnos un enlace o adjuntarlo usando la opción Insertar Vídeo del editor de posts.

Gracias por la información. Todavía no sabemos exactamente a qué animación te refieres, así que como mencioné antes, por favor, proporciónanos algunas capturas de pantalla o mejor aún, un vídeo del comportamiento, para que sepamos exactamente qué está pasando.

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