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Apple continues to improve its smartwatches with new security, emergency and health features. In addition to the new Apple Watch Series 8, we have a new Apple Watch Ultra, for «extreme» users.

The new Apple Watch Series 8 debuts a new screen with more rounded edges, which show more image the front surface. With a new temperature sensor that focuses on women’s health, and new accelerometer and gyroscope to detect car accidents.a new Power Saving mode disables options that consume a lot of battery, to give you up to 36 hours of battery. That’s well beyond the day’s use they promise.

The new three-axis gyroscope and new high-gravity accelerometer are activated when you’re driving to detect if you get into an accident, automatically calling emergency services.

As we can see, there is nothing revolutionary here, but rather a continuous improvement of health and wellness tracking functions.little by little, smartwatches are moving from being sports tools, to protectors of health and wellness.

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Then there’s choosing the one that has the features you need.Are you interested in an EKG or is heart rate enough? Do you want health and fitness features or do you just need notifications? When we test a smartwatch, we pair it to our phones and wear it for a few weeks, as in daily use. We train to see its battery, how it handles notifications and assess any other features it has.

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However, until now, Apple’s «anti-spyware» method was only available for Apple devices. But now Android users can also count on it since Apple has launched an app for it called Tracker Detect.

It is certainly quite positive that Apple launches this type of applications so that any user can have control over their privacy taking into account all that could involve carrying an AirTag on someone else’s device and that we are constantly being monitored.

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