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En esta pĂĄgina se describen los campos de la cabecera de la ficha CategorĂ­a de cliente. Por favor siga los enlaces de abajo para descripciones de las otras fichas: — CĂłdigo Ingrese el cĂłdigo Ășnico por el cual la CategorĂ­a de Cliente debe ser identificada desde cualquier otra parte de Standard ERP. El CĂłdigo puede consistir de hasta cinco caracteres, y puede utilizar tanto nĂșmeros como letras. DescripciĂłn Ingrese aquĂ­ un texto que describa la CategorĂ­a de Cliente. La DescripciĂłn serĂĄ mostrada en la lista ‘Pegado Especial’ que usted utilizarĂĄ cuando asigne CategorĂ­as de Clientes a Contactos y en otros lugares, por lo que debe ser lo suficientemente descriptiva para que la selecciĂłn de la CategorĂ­a de Cliente correcta sea fĂĄcil para todos los usuarios. Clase. Tipos Pegado Especial

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Native integration on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Outlook and Thunderbird. Easy deployment, configuration and integration reduces costs and lowers risk, while leveraging existing IT investments.

In Contacts, users can define their own custom groups, called Circles. These can be managed in a variety of ways, such as with invitations, via an open list that users can join with or without an approval step, with designated sub-managers, etc.

The plugin handles Outlook categories, mapping CalDAV server colors to Outlook category colors and synchronizing calendars and tasks with categories. The plugin also handles time zones and recurring events with exceptions and can handle custom Outlook properties.

Reduce compliance risks, improve internal collaboration and reduce operational expenses with the leading content collaboration platform. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Whether you are just starting to discover Android, as if you already know many of its most important aspects, on this website you will be able to learn how to configure and learn more about this fantastic operating system called Android.

All notifications of apps, messages, emails, low battery are displayed well. Users can access the notification by just swiping it up and down. You can also see the notifications in lock mode.

With a mobile hotspot, you can share your Internet device with other devices or PC. This can also help save money. If you live in a house, then you can share your internet with your family members and they don’t need to buy separate internet packages.

The Android operating system can run on a wide range of devices, such as HTC, Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, Motorola, Sony Ericson and many others. You can choose any low-cost or mid-range mobile easily. Some android mobiles are also expensive, but it all depends on your budget.

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Many users request sample privacy policies for apps. The mandatory content of a privacy policy depends on the applicable regulations and may have to comply with requirements from different geographic regions and various legislations.

In addition to this, you need to ensure that you inform your users about the use of any of the following «dangerous» permission groups (the personal or sensitive user data mentioned above) in your privacy policy:

If your app treats users’ personal data for reasons unrelated to the functionality of your app, you are required to make additional communications to your users (that are clearly visible) about these uses and collect their consent where necessary.

If your app processes users’ personal data for reasons unrelated to its functionality, you must explain, before collecting and transmitting the data, how the data will be used and collect user consent.

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