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In the permissions dialog that the system displays when you call requestPermissions(), it tells you what permissions your app needs, but not why. This can sometimes confuse the user. It is recommended that you explain why your app needs those permissions before you call requestPermissions().

Some research shows that users are more comfortable with permission requests if they know what the app needs them for, for example, if the permission is needed in order to support a core function of the app or for advertising purposes. Consequently, if you only use a fraction of the API calls that belong to a permission group, it will be easier for you to explicitly state which permissions you use and why. For example, if you only use the approximate location, inform the user in your app description or help articles.

After the user sees an educational UI, or the value displayed by shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() indicates that you do not need to display an educational UI, request permission. Users see a system permissions dialog where they can choose whether they want to grant a particular permission to your app.

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Article ActionsThis page was translated from English by the community. Learn more and join the MDN Web Docs community.Cache-ControlThe HTTP Cache-Control header contains directives (instructions) – in both requests and responses – to control caching in browsers and shared caches (e.g. Proxies, CDNs).

Note: Check the compatibility table for support; user agents that do not recognize them may ignore them.VocabularyThe following terms are used in this document; many but not all come from the specification.

Cache existing between the origin server and clients (e.g., proxy, CDN). Stores a single response for reuse by multiple users – so developers should avoid storing custom content in the shared cache.

Indicates that the response is stale. Usually means that the response can no longer be reused. Caching does not require that stale responses be deleted immediately, because revalidation can change the response from stale to fresh again.

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Ahora vamos a hablar un poco sobre la caché del navegador y por qué es importante eliminarla regularmente. Cuando nos referimos a la caché del navegador, estamos hablando simplemente de un lugar en el disco duro de su ordenador, donde el navegador web almacena todos los datos que descarga de las páginas web, por si el usuario vuelve a visitar ese sitio, sea más rápido cargar la página.

A continuación, muestra estos elementos en la página que está viendo, lo que significa que para cada página adicional que visite, no es necesario volver a descargar esos elementos de la página web. Estos elementos se muestran siempre en el mismo lugar en el que están almacenados en el disco duro.

Ahora bien, esta caché tiene un límite de tamaño, que normalmente puede configurarse. Cuando la caché del navegador está llena, los elementos que no se han utilizado en un momento se descartan para hacer más espacio. Por lo tanto, podemos decir que la caché del navegador es simplemente un lugar donde almacenar los elementos de una página web, de forma que no sea necesario descargarlos cada vez que se visita una página web.

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However, it should not be neglected. It is advisable to delete them twice a month. Not that there are studies or standards that support this recommendation, but it is what in our opinion can be considered a good middle ground between neglecting these files too much and being obsessed with them.

However, it also depends on your browser usage. If you are a heavy user of it and browse different websites every day, having many that you do not revisit, perhaps the recommendation would be to delete them even more frequently to avoid storing that data.

Obviously, it is also advisable to delete them as soon as the storage is full or close to full. Normally in these cases, unless you have been very careless, they will not free up enough space to completely solve the problem, but it helps.

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