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The current market is full of numerous graphics cards to choose from, a situation that can confuse many users when buying a new card, so we have prepared this article in which we will talk about some of the best options to choose from by price range. To which we answer the typical questions: Which is the best at the moment? Do I have a budget of 200 euros? Nvidia or AMD?

Of course, before starting with the guide, we are going to provide some interesting information so that we do not go blindly to choose our graphics card. There are numerous factors to take into account when choosing a GPU for our computer, and not only the price.

A GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is basically a graphics processor. Just as a CPU is the central processing unit of our computer, in this case we are dealing with the graphics processing unit of the computer. A GPU is NOT a graphics card, but the chip that is responsible for performing the graphics processing, floating point and 3D calculations that form the major weight in a game, or graphics rendering program.

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Total Eclipse takes us to October 26, 1930. We play an explorer who has a mere two hours to navigate a pyramid and prevent an eclipse from unleashing a terrible Egyptian curse – which involves the annihilation of all mankind.

In an article published on AtariOnline, Wachowski reveals, «In several places in the game, we have to match two symbols drawn on the wall (e.g., the eye), which amounts to shooting each of them in the correct order. When you hit the first element, you will see the phrase «MAKE THE MATCH»; and when you hit the second one: «MATCH MADE».

Similarly, he advances that «in some more difficult places in the game, it is extremely important to avoid falling from a height, and it is difficult to accurately determine your position if you only look straight ahead. To make sure we won’t fall, turn our «camera» vertically downwards (by holding down the L key for a long time); that is, if you look below your feet. It’s true that we won’t see legs there, but it will show us the exact location of where we are standing. The game engine checks the position of this point in the middle and it is enough to be careful not to go out of the boundaries of the environment element, after which we walk.»

Gravity rush

2023Final Fantasy XVI (JRPG / RPG)PC – Rumored/Never existedPS5 – 22/6/2023Final Fantasy XVI is the new installment of Square Enix’s role-playing video game saga for PS5, which this time invites us to enjoy a purely medieval setting, moving us to a world devastated by war between various powers and a mysterious plague. We are facing a role-playing and action game for a player, in which we will embody a swordsman who has an important mission.

20226.7Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin (Action-RPG)PC XSX XBOne PS5 PS4 – 18/3/2022Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is the new proposal of Square Enix in collaboration with Team Ninja in its attempt to offer a different episode in the Final Fantasy universe. The new adventure will be an Action-RPG and will be commanded by the creative Tetsuya Nomura, director with experience in the saga, narrating the story of four warriors of the Light in their constant combat against the Chaos and the evil that plagues their region.


Mono/stereo (no multichannel). Sampling rates up to 48 kHz (but up to 44.1 kHz is recommended on devices with 44.1 kHz output, as the downsampler from 48 to 44.1 kHz does not include a low pass filter). 16 bits is recommended. No interpolation was applied for 24 bits.

Device implementations must support dynamic video resolution and frame rate shifting in standard APIs within the same stream for all VP8, VP9, H.264 and H.265 codecs in real time, and up to the maximum resolution supported by each codec on the device.

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