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But, as I was saying, one of the points that MegaCrit’s work has in its favor is being able to take these two genres, famous for not being exactly accessible, and get from them a product that welcomes the player with open hands. The way to build the decks we use in combat is really simple. We don’t need to spend 20 hours choosing cards or planning strategies; the game urges us to be guided by instinct and learn from our failures. Every game is something we learn, whether it’s a card that doesn’t work for our play style or a strategy that was foolproof on paper but one of the bosses has blown it out of the water.

Slay the Spire is a fairly simple game in terms of mechanics. We simply choose one of the different routes that lead us through a map to a boss. In this route we can find treasures and dangers and, when we kill the boss, we access the next map, where there are more dangers, more treasures and another boss. To make our way we use our deck in turn-based combat and the help of some objects and improvements that we collect. If we die, we start over. That’s all.

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Maybe it’s the way it develops your deck building, or the mix of card game with roguelike mechanics. Whatever it is, one playthrough is enough, if you like the genre, to get you hopelessly hooked on climbing its levels over and over again. It has all the good things of a roguelike, moreover. That makes your game really different every time you start over, and with a subtle improvement every time you get a little further you unlock new cards and abilities.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have a lot of experience with card games either. The fact that this is a completely offline and single-player focused game makes trial-and-error, and therefore learning, much faster than in an online multiplayer game. You will soon begin to understand the card upgrades, values and altered states, while each game you scale more and more in each new mapping.

For those with some experience, the challenge is assured. Advanced strategies are those that constantly stimulate the player’s mind, applying long-term tactics and constantly weighing the risk-reward. Burning weak cards in the shopkeeper to improve the probability of new and stronger ones appearing, assessing the dangers of facing an elite boss or knowing when to rest at the bonfire (yes) or upgrade a card, will be vital to your adventure.

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Allergy, rejection, suspicion, animadversion or vertigo are just some of the feelings and sensations that card games have faced for decades. A genre that gradually became the stronghold of a very specific niche of players. In the very intricacies of its nature, the genre closed in on itself preventing the entry of new players while its mechanics were hardcoritized.

Since 2014 this mantra has been fading, especially thanks to Blizzard’s entry with Hearthstone. The card game based on the World of Warcraft universe was a massive pole of attraction for many players who until now had not wanted or had not had the strength to delve into this type of video and meta games. The undisputed success of Blizzard’s title was the standard-bearer of an era that led to the democratization and expansion of the genre with top titles, such as Gwent or Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales by CD Projekt RED, the new Magic Arena, The Elder Scrolls Legends by Bethesda, or Artifact by Valve.

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Slay the Spire es sin duda uno de los mejores juegos de construcción de mazos roguelike que existen. Pero, para aquellos que no estén interesados en su amplia comunidad de modding o para los que no tengan más juegos de cartas a los que jugar en la vida real, hay bastantes juegos que pueden satisfacer esa misma necesidad. Echemos un vistazo a algunos de los más conocidos, y hablemos de por qué exactamente podrían saciar tu sed de más contenido de StS.

Actualizado el 23 de febrero de 2022, por Jacob Buchalter: Una vez más, es hora de echar un vistazo al subgénero de juegos de construcción de mazos roguelike, ya que siempre hay nuevas entradas que salen constantemente. Este formato, que realmente despegó con Slay the Spire, siempre parece funcionar bien, y constantemente salen nuevos juegos que innovan y mejoran los aspectos probados y verdaderos de maneras inventivas. Así pues, busquemos algunos títulos destacados que merezca la pena comprar (o incluso jugar gratis) y hablemos de ellos.

El primero es Tainted Grail Conquest, el tipo de constructor de mazos que encantarĂ­a a los fans de Darkest Dungeon. Su ambientaciĂłn de fantasĂ­a hiperoscura basada en el concepto de una niebla apocalĂ­ptica llamada Wyrdness es memorable, la atmĂłsfera es lĂşgubre y nihilista, e incluso hay un sistema de gestiĂłn de antorchas que influye mucho en el combate.

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