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In the permissions dialog that the system displays when you call requestPermissions(), it tells you what permissions your app needs, but not why. This can sometimes confuse the user. It is recommended that you explain why your app needs those permissions before you call requestPermissions().

A user’s willingness to grant permissions to a given app is greatly affected by the purpose associated with the permission. For example, a user’s willingness to grant access to their location will vary depending on whether the request is being made to support the app’s core functionality or to share that information with an ad network or data analytics company.1

After the user sees an educational UI, or the value displayed by shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() indicates that you do not need to show an educational UI this time, it requests permission. Users see a system permissions dialog in which they can choose whether they want to grant a particular permission to your app.

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It has not caught us by surprise, in fact, we already anticipated it a little over a month ago. And on the other hand, the leaks about Moments 1 and Moments 2, along with the version already available to install since late last month, put us on the track that, perhaps or, to be more precise, very probably, Windows 11 22H2 would not be the panacea we have been waiting for months. Fears that finally, at the beginning of the deployment of this update, we can confirm that they were well-founded.

Personally, I have always preferred to be given the bad news first, and then the good news, because at least this way I am left with a better taste in my mouth. So, I will adopt the same philosophy when reviewing this Windows 11 update: I will start with what we expected but that finally has been left in the pipeline, and then continue with the new features that, as I have already mentioned above, are not bad either.

Drag and drop to the taskbar: undoubtedly a minor function of the operating system, present in Windows 10 and that, by surprise, disappeared in the jump to Windows 11, and that not a few users of this operating system expect from day one. Others, and this is the group in which I include myself, are waiting for its arrival to make the leap to Windows 11. This has been, for many, the main surprise, in the negative section, of the update.

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Although disconnecting our mobile from WiFi, disabling data, putting it in silent mode or even uninstalling the app may be some of the things that first come to mind when we want to disable WhatsApp, the truth is that this implies that we can not receive other notifications, mail, surf the Internet, listen to other alerts or calls and we have to go installing and uninstalling the messaging app every time we do not want to be disturbed.

In short, impractical solutions if we want to continue using the mobile, but what we do not want is to be bothered by WhatsApp. However, there are two ways to disable WhatsApp without having to do any of this and without having to dip into third-party applications.

It is true that many people choose to disconnect from WiFi or disable mobile data and thus prevent them from receiving WhatsApp messages, however, this means that we can not surf the Internet from the mobile, check email, open social networks or use any app that requires connection. Another alternative is to mute the chats that we use the most, but this implies having to go silencing one by one and also does not prevent someone that we have not silenced from writing to us. In addition, the messages will continue to arrive and we will see the notifications there, something that may tempt us to open them to see who has written to us.

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ka Mid ka mid ah ogeysiisyada xumbo ee ‘UI 3.0’ waa mid ka mid ah wararka ugu waaweyn ee cusboonaysiintaan ah Telefoonada Galaxy-ka ee leh Android 11. Oo inta ku jirta WhatsApp asal ahaan astaantaas ma muuqato oo noo sheegaysa inaan ku furan karno barnaamijka wada sheekaysiga xumbo, waxaa jira hab loo isticmaalo.

Taasi waa, iyadoo asal ahaan astaantaasi aysan ka muuqan WhatsApp, waxaan isticmaali karnaa ogeysiisyadan cusub si aan ugu raaxeysanno shaqo badan oo taleefan ah sida Galaxy Note10 + oo aan ugu adeegsanno fiidiyowga. Kaliya ma isticmaali karno ogeysiisyadan WhatsApp, laakiin Telegram iyo barnaamijyo kale oo fariin ah.

Ugu talagal ahaan, sida la socota Telegram oo taageera wargelinta xumbo cusub Hal UI 3.0, astaan waa inay ka muuqataa ogeysiinta la ballaariyay ee fariinta la helay. Guji badhankaas ogeysiis xumbo ayaa fureysa.

Maxaa dhacaya in WhatsApp astaamahaas aanu meelna ka muuqan iyo haddii aynaan garanayn sida loo isticmaalo, waxaa noo hadhi doona hamiga ah inaan ku raaxeysano khibradaas cusub ee ogeysiinta farriinta. Xitaa waxaan awood u yeelan doonnaa inaan yeelanno xumbo xiriir kasta, markaa waa muhiim in la ogaado sida loo kiciyo.

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