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Tasker is kind of like IFTTT hypervitamined, being both easy and not so easy to use. If you’ve heard of Tasker but aren’t quite sure how to start using it, here we’ll give you the first steps to get you started automating tasks like a champ.

Its author defines Tasker as the total automation for Android, and he’s not wrong. It is the most complete way to automate commands on Android. It is not extremely complex to use at a basic level, although to take full advantage of it -which is a lot- you have to spend some time.

Tasker’s complexity means that it can be used for almost anything, although its main function is task automation. That is, performing an action as soon as a condition is met.

With almost a decade behind it, the number of Tasker projects available on the Internet is overwhelming. If you want inspiration, in its forums you have a collection with examples, such as this one to bring back the Android notification ticker or chat bubbles for any application. These projects can be imported directly into Tasker.

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A Font type variable allows you to create a font programmatically. The font characteristics can be set using different WLanguage properties.A Font type variable can be used:Remarks: Example

Only the following properties can be used with the Font type: Orientation, StrikeOut, Color, Bold, Italic, Name, Underline, Size.Functions using Font type variablesThe following functions can be used to manipulate a Font type variable:

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Note: During the compilation process, the aapt tool can automatically optimize bitmap files by lossless compression. For example, it is possible to convert a true-color PNG requiring no more than 256 colors into an 8-bit PNG with a color palette. As a result, you will get an image of the same quality that requires less memory. Therefore, note that the image binaries in this directory may change during compilation. If you plan to read an image as a bitstream to convert it to a bitmap, arrange your images in the res/raw/ folder; they will not be optimized in this location.

An XML bitmap is a resource defined in XML that points to a bitmap file. As a result, you get an alias for a raw bitmap file. The XML can specify additional properties for the bitmap, such as interpolation and tiling.

Additional option that can be set to clip the top or bottom edge of the secondary field to the container boundaries. The clipping depends on the vertical gravity: with a gravity value of «top» the bottom edge is clipped, with a value of «bottom» the top edge is clipped and with a value of null both edges are clipped.

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For this I have created an application called «I Wish», which allows our users to save a list of wishes and goals they have in their life. With this example you will be able to see how to implement the insertion, edition, deletion and query of data through a Web Service.

A Web Service is an application that facilitates interoperability between various systems regardless of the programming language or platform in which they were developed. It must have an interface based on a standard machine-understandable format such as XML or JSON.

As you can see, a Web Service is created with functionalities that allow obtaining updated data in real time. The fact that it is dynamic incorporates the use of a web language for HTTP management, which in this case will be Php.

The heart of the matter is in the Web Service that you must create with Php and Mysql for the maintenance of the data. This time we will not use caching for local data support as we did when creating the Rss reader. We will focus on how to use Volley to perform the requests on the localhost.

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