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It is not the first time we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, and perhaps it can be a little tiring or repetitive. We had parked it for a while because we thought it was not going to lower its price beyond 150 euros, but it has done it again. This smartwatch is available for 129 euros at MiElectro.

In terms of functions, it has the BioActive sensor, electrocardiogram, bioelectrical impedance analysis, blood oxygen meter, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, geomagnetic, 100 sports modes, snore detection and Auto Switch.

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Both stand out as watches very oriented to sport and health monitoring due to their number of sensors. However, there are some key differences between them that are worth knowing. We review below their most relevant features.

Regarding external customization of the smartwatch, both offer the choice between a rubber or leather strap, with their respective price increase. They are also offered in different dial colors, having black and silver for the OPPO Watch 5 and with an OPPO Watch 5 Pro in black or brown.

As far as hardware is concerned, both watches come with the same Qualcomm flagship chip. More specifically a Snapdragon W5. This is a 4 nm chip created specifically for smartwatches and to which OPPO adds a 1 GB RAM configuration with 32 GB for internal storage.

The most prominent features and that represent the most differences for these watches are the health sensors. Both incorporate identical elements for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen. However, only the ‘Pro’ model offers the possibility of performing electrocardiograms. We recall that in the last generation the OPPO Watch 2 ECG had to arrive precisely to carry out this measurement.

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Apple’s now classic September event has just ended and they presented the new iPhone iteration, called iPhone 14 which, among other things like the Apple Watch Series 8 or the «economical» Apple Watch SE. As usual, there will be several models of iPhone 14, tailored to various needs and requirements.

But, for starters, the cheapest model is the, unsurprisingly, standard iPhone 14 with a price of 20,999 pesos. On the other hand, the most expensive is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, as it will cost 28,999 pesos.

On the other hand, the Plus and standard models feature five different colors: midnight, purple, stellar white, red and blue. These colors are vibrant and polished. As for the Pro and Pro Max models, we find that there are four colors: space black, plant, gold and dark purple. These colors are more sober and with a slightly more matte tone thanks to their textured cover glass.

As for the screen, all models, from the standard to the Pro Max, have a ceramic protection, which is highly resistant and waterproof. But we’ll talk more in detail about the screen.

Best smartwatch

Identical features in both: we still have Lightning, fast charging with the included cable and the notch. The diagonal is the same and in neither of the two models we will have the screen always on. Of course, both iPhones are compatible with the imminent iOS 16. Face ID will work the same, and the sound quality in the speakers of the two iPhones will be very similar.

There may be some battery differences (we won’t be able to know in detail until the iPhone 14 Plus has been on the streets for a while), but Apple boasts «the best battery ever brought to an iPhone» in the 14 Plus. By not having to put up with all the pro camera demands of the Pro models, its battery life is likely to be the best we’ve ever seen. Another difference we can’t ignore is the iPhone 14 Plus’s satellite connectivity.

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