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Sonido notificacion whatsapp android

Why whatsapp notifications don’t ring on my motorola

In the permissions dialog that the system displays when you call requestPermissions(), it tells you what permissions your app needs, but not why. This can sometimes confuse the user. It is recommended that you explain why your app needs those permissions before you call requestPermissions().

Some research shows that users are more comfortable with permission requests if they know what the app needs them for, for example, if the permission is needed in order to support a core function of the app or for advertising purposes. Consequently, if you only use a fraction of the API calls that belong to a permission group, it will be easier for you to explicitly state which permissions you use and why. For example, if you only use the approximate location, inform the user in your app description or help articles.

After the user sees an educational UI, or the value displayed by shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() indicates that you do not need to display an educational UI, request permission. Users see a system permissions dialog where they can choose whether they want to grant a particular permission to your app.

Ringtones for cell phones

WhatsApp has become one of the most used applications in Mexico and probably the most popular instant messaging app among Mexicans, so it is rare that someone does not use it to send and receive messages.

For that reason, most of our conversations, calls and even video calls are made from its interface, something that has undoubtedly made our lives and of course our communication easier.

Whether it is because you have groups or chats with your partner, friends and family or simply because you use it to stay connected and up to date with your work, knowing when a message is sent is very important.

However, there are times when because we update our device or WhatsApp version the sound of notifications may disappear, if this is your case then we explain how to fix it.

Because whatsapp notifications do not ring on my samsung a52

And this is precisely the case of the tool that we bring you today, which will allow us to configure different quick responses to notifications from apps like WhatsApp or Telegram to answer them directly without having to take out our cell phone, a feature that we love and that we can enjoy in this smart bracelet.

We have to tell you that this tool can be configured from the Zepp Life or Mi Fitness applications as both are fully compatible with this bracelet, but the way to access this setting is very similar in both cases.

We are going to show you how you can do it from Zepp Life as it is the app that we recommend using given its simplicity and amount of information provided, but you can use the one that is most comfortable for you. That said, in order to access this setting you will only have to:

Why whatsapp notifications do not sound on my xiaomi

Zedge is an application for Android that will allow us to download, completely free of charge, a large number of ringtones and wallpapers for our Android terminal. All in high quality, with high resolution images and pristine audio files.

Another advantage of Zedge is that it will allow us to apply all the content we download directly from the app itself. That is to say, we will not have to go to the options of our device to set our new ringtone or our new animated background, but we can do it directly from the application interface. Thus, in a matter of seconds we will be able to have a new wallpaper.

Zedge Ringtones is an excellent customization app for our Android device, thanks to which we can give it a new look and sounds every day. The amount of multimedia material that we will find at our disposal is absolutely overwhelming.

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