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In C++ there are mainly two types of files, header files (usually .h or .hpp) and source files (usually with extension .cpp). The difference between them is purely conceptual, both are plain text files, the compiler does not distinguish between one and the other, this is done by programmers.

Once the logical division by functionality is done, it remains to see what goes in the header file and what in the source code file. What is usually at the top is a serious candidate to be in the header file, hence its name. Header files usually include all or some of the following.

For example, look at any standard library that comes with the compiler you use. stdlib.h is a good example. You will notice that it has some of the things mentioned in the list above. Likewise you can see that the global variables are preceded by the extern modifier, this is important, but we will see it later.

In general all that are the definitions must go in the header files and all that are the implementations in the source code files, so the normal thing is to have a file .h and another .cpp with equal names for example Sprite.h and Sprite.cpp in one is defined Classes, functions, structures, etc. and in the other they are implemented.


In this video, I showed how easy it is to get the source code from an APK file. I will recompile the apk in Android Studio, we can decompile any apk and create the Android Studio project. We will retrieve the source code of the Android application from the apk file. Subscribe to this channel: download apk decompile: – #retrievesourcecodefromandroidapkfile #decompileandroidapp #soucecodeofapk * Tag * learn android studio android studio learning android app studio android app studio android studio for beginners learning android studio for beginners learning android studio for beginners.

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Esta es una imagen retocada, lo que significa que ha sido alterada digitalmente respecto a su versión original. Modificaciones: vectorización. El original se puede ver aquí: Telegram Logo.webp: . Modificaciones realizadas por Diego Sanguinetti.

Este archivo contiene información adicional como metadatos Exif que pueden haber sido añadidos por la cámara digital, el escáner o el programa de software utilizado para crearlo o digitalizarlo. Si el archivo ha sido modificado con respecto a su estado original, algunos detalles como la marca de tiempo pueden no reflejar completamente los del archivo original. La marca de tiempo es tan precisa como el reloj de la cámara, y puede ser completamente errónea.

Telegram source code

And they have just announced that all the apps they have developed to install on your computers on all operating systems (GNU/Linux, Android, iOS, Windows) are released under free licenses and have been externally audited.

With the release of the code of their ProtonMail application for Android published under GPL-V3 license, all the applications of both services are now available from their repositories on GitHub.

In addition to being able to access the source code of the applications that we install on our devices, these have been audited by an external company that makes a report stating that there are no vulnerabilities in the applications.

So if you are looking for an option to have an email account or a VPN service with good references, the options of ProtonMail and ProtonVPN may be ones to consider. It is up to you to compare and choose

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