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Le robaron el equipo celular a mi novio y ahora quiere usar premium en su nuevo equipo, el se suscribio al paquete premium anual hace aproximadamente un mes.Cuando instalo la aplicacion solo puede usar la version gratis y cuando va a cambiar a premium le pide realizar un nuevo pago.

EniModeratorAyuda a otros a encontrar esta respuesta y haz clic en «Aceptar como solución».Si aprecias mi respuesta, tal vez me des un Like.  «La música actúa como una llave mágica, a la que se abre el corazón más cerrado» – Maria von Trapp

Hola @casanovajosemaria, Gracias por llegar a la Comunidad sobre esto. Esperamos que no te importe que te contestemos en inglés, ya que es el idioma oficial de la Comunidad.¿Puedes decirnos qué ves exactamente cuando intentas utilizar tu cuenta? Cualquier captura de pantalla que puedas proporcionarnos también será útil para identificar la causa del problema.

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A clear example is the European PSD2 regulation on electronic payment services, which came into force on September 14, 2019 and states that accessing online channels and performing transactions requires two-factor authentication, either through the web or mobile application. The regulation defines one of the key principles for two-factor authentication whereby a user must employ at least two of the following types of authentication:

This standard is based on concepts of asymmetric cryptography. When we talk about asymmetric cryptography, there is always a pair of keys: one to encrypt the data and one to decrypt it. The specifications defined in the standard can be implemented in a wide range of technologies such as fingerprint sensors, facial recognition or hardware tokens.

The first version of the FIDO standard emerged in 2014. In this first iteration, both the use of FIDO as a second authentication factor using physical keys and passwordless authentication are proposed. Both use cases are defined in a separate specification within the standard.

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we can chat with our family members through the browser from any device. Similarly, you can also use multiple devices with the WhatsApp Business application. On desktop computers, you can alternatively install the Whatsapp Business application (WhatsApp Desktop) instead of taking the detour through the web browser.

allows you to connect WhatsApp with professional business software. Each service agent receives his own account and shares the inbox, responding to all incoming requests from a central location.

The professional messaging software for customer communication is not provided by WhatsApp itself, but by an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). Therefore, the range of functions differs from one provider to another. The

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Some Orange users frequently complain that they get an error saying «This content is being viewed simultaneously on multiple devices. Please end playback on one of them and try again». Another error that may appear is «This channel is being viewed on another device». In case you get the error even though you are not watching TV on a device, you should change the channel before turning off the TV. If you turn it off without changing the channel, the deco will remain with the session open so you can not put the same channel on another device.

But we should know all the limitations of Orange TV with respect to simultaneous screens and devices so that you can know, in case of error, how to react or what to do or how we can solve all failures.

For example, if we watch any channel from a tablet or a cell phone there is no problem if the second connection is on the set-top box, Smart TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. But we cannot, for example, watch content on two computers at the same time or on two phones at the same time. Nor can we watch content on a mobile and a computer at the same time.

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