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To complement the experience, Legacy of Thieves Collection includes the expansion starring Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, two old acquaintances of Nathan Drake, who expand the story of this universe through another treasure hunt, only focused almost entirely on exploring India. Of course, good riddles and deadly traps are not to be expected, as well as a good dose of action at gunpoint, where our heroines prove that Naughty Dog does not need Nathan Drake to deliver a good action story.

While on PS5 the Legacy of Thieves Collection was kept with two graphics options: Fidelity and Performance, the PC version offers up to four default settings: Low, Medium, High and Ultra, as well as the possibility of combining different visual levels to find a scheme that allows us to play without so many problems. Advantages and disadvantages, of course, because while on PlayStation 5 we could go straight to the action, on a PC with a 2080 TI we had a little trouble making the cinematics run without errors; it was not until we switched to a laptop with an RTX 3060 that we found all the goodness of this release; a not cheap solution, but that makes it clear that these remasters cover from the mid-range, to those who are not afraid to give the card with a good deal.

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Below in this section of our guide we bring you the complete list with all the characters available in Genshin Impact, how you can get each one and their details in depth, so you can get an idea of which are the best characters.ADVERTISING

Table of Contents1. Albedo2. Alhacen3. Aloy4. Amber5. Arataki Itto6. Barbara7. Beidou8. Bennett9. Candace10. Chongyun11. Collei12. Cyno13. Dehya14. Diluc15. Diona16. Dori17. Eula18. Faruzan19. Fischl20. Ganyu21. Gorou22. Hu Tao23. Jean24. Kaedehara Kazuha25. Kaeya26. Kamisato Ayaka27. Kamisato Ayato28. Keqing29. Klee30. Kujou Sara31. Kuki Shinobu32. Laila33. Lisa34. Mika35. Mona36. Nahida37. Nilou38. Ningguang39. Noelle40. Qiqi41. Razor42. Rosaria43. Sucrose44. Sangonomiya Kokomi45. Sayu46. Shenhe47. Shikanoin Heizou48. Shogun Raiden49. Tartaglia50. Thoma51. Tignari52. Globetrotter53. Venti54. Traveler55. Xiangling56. Xiao57. Xingchiu58. Xinyan59. Yae Miko60. Yanfei61. Yaoyao62. Yelan63. Yoimiya64. Yun Jin65. Zhongli .

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Go to guide indexStart guideWelcome to our official guide to Genshin Impact, the free to play JRPG by miHoYo! We delve into this incredible action role-playing adventure for PC, PS4, PS5 and Android and iOS mobiles officially released in September 2020.

Throughout this guide we will help you understand all the game mechanics, give you tips and tricks to get all the characters, how to master their constellations and abilities and much more – travel with us through a fascinating fantasy universe through the world of Teyvat and its regions!

Weapons are a vital component in any JRPG and in Genshin Impact they are the main tool of combat. There is a variety of arsenal that offers different abilities and it will be our duty to get the best and level them up to make our characters unstoppable. From swords, bows, catalysts and even spears.

In a game of such enormous proportions as this we could not miss the opportunity to offer general tips that will be very helpful in your journey, especially for beginners who start a new game. There are a lot of details to talk about the world, exploration, obtaining resources. Here we try to accommodate all of that and more.

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