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When a user tells Assistant that they want to use your app, it looks for Actions in apps that you have registered in your app, in an actions.xml file. In this file, Actions in apps are described using a combination of built-in intents (which describe an app capability semantically) and delivery instructions (such as a direct link template).

The starting point for this codelab is an example fitness app for Android. In it, users will be able to start and stop exercise timers, as well as view information about their workout routines.

Replace «MYUNIQUENAME» in applicationId with something that identifies you. This will rename the package and prevent a duplicate package name error when you load it into Play Console.

Explore the app briefly to find out what it can do. If you press the run icon, it will start an exercise timer; and if you press the «X» icon, it will stop the timer. These are the two tasks you can enable with Actions in apps.

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In this tutorial, we show how to provide a voice translation feature to the Android app. In the sample of this tutorial, a microservice is used that receives an audio message, translates the message into a set of predefined languages, and stores the translated messages in audio files. The Android client app downloads and plays the translated audio files when requested by the user.

The client component is an Android app that records audio messages and downloads the translated messages from the Cloud Storage bucket. The sample is a chat app that is used in the Compile an Android app with Firebase and the flexible App Engine environment tutorial. In this tutorial, we explain how to extend the sample app to implement the voice translation feature.

This tutorial uses the Playchat project that was created in «Build an Android app with Firebase and the App Engine Flexible Environment», which requires the App Engine Manager API and the Compute Engine API.

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If you want your application to process user data or organize events, you can extend Firebase with the flexible App Engine environment to perform automatic real-time data synchronization.

The sample app, Playchat, stores chat messages in the Firebase Realtime Database, which synchronizes that data across devices automatically. Playchat also writes user event logs to Firebase. For more information on how the database synchronizes data, see How does it work? in the Firebase documentation.

A set of Java servlets running in the flexible App Engine environment register as listener objects with Firebase. The servlets respond to new event logs from the user and process the log data. The servlets use transactions to ensure that only one servlet handles each user event log.

In this sample app, the servlets copy the log data locally and display it on a web page. In a production version of this app, the servlets could process the log data or copy it to Cloud Storage, Cloud Bigtable or BigQuery for storage and analysis.

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