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Huawei Reloj The Best Android Wear Smartwatch

Huawei is already known for its great stunning features and best working capacities. It is also very well known that Huawei smartphones and all wearables are famous for the best pricing and great android capacities.

Another thing that Huawei services do not have is google but still, Huawei devices are best in their working capacities. Including huawei reloj. Here are some features of Huawei smartwatches related to the designs, android system, and other smart features.

In this article, we will discuss the hidden Huawei system. We will discuss the Huawei best android wear smartwatch. If you want to know more about the Huawei smartwatch system just click on the link given above and grab all the information.

Key Specifications

  • It contains 400 Qualcomm snapdragon processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • The screen size is almost 1.4 inches with ALMOND sapphire
  • The total storage is almost 4GB
  • The connectivity can be done with Bluetooth wifi and more
  • Contain heart rate sensor
  • The overall dimension is almost 42mm x 11.3mm
  • It is compatible with android and IOS

Timeless Design

Now moving to the next most important thing is the first thing for making a good impression. It is a typical classic men’s watch. With a stainless steel case with a round screen and a two-button o’clock position smartwatch.

Its bezel is small and attractive and it is very lightweight. It has the highest screen resolution which makes this smartwatch even more attractive. It has a black leather strap with a classic look that makes it more comfortable. Its looks are decent and classic.

Two Days Battery

Moving to the battery life of this smartwatch. It is true that this smartwatch does not have the longest battery life. its 400 snapdragons make it powerful but still, it does not get fully charged power abilities. It gives a powerful connection to Bluetooth or wifi but if you talk about battery it’s a rune.

Screen, display, and other display resolutions are great. Controls are also very simple and navigations are also very easy to understand but the battery life is very short. You need to charge this smart watch every 3rd day of usage.

Android Wear

Here is the most important thing about this smartwatch. It runs on the smart latest version of Google. This smartwatch had an android wear smart system. This android system makes every notification easy to understand and many other features are included.

Health Tracking Apps

Let’s move to the most important thing which is health monitoring or health teaching features in the Huawei smartwatch. This feature is involved in all smartwatches of Huawei. Some of them had an extreme number of features and some contained a small amount.

This smartwatch continues the Huawei health app through which you can monitor your heart rate and do some workouts and other exercises. You can also set your target goals with its smooth heath fracture to achieve your perfect body shape


In this article, we discuss the most important thing the android wear on the Huawei smartwatch. Hope this article helps you to get the proper information related to your needs. So if you want to buy a smartwatch first take a short overview of this article.

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