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Smartwatch Huawei 3 Pro The Top eSim Smartwatch By Huawei.

Huawei smartwatches had a wast variety of functions and features. One of the features is eSim which is added to pro-level smartwatches of Huawei. All the features are well settled and well build in all the smartwatches.

These bundles of features include health monitoring. Data connectivity, training modes, and many more. The best thing about the smartwatch huawei is its durability and working capacity which makes it special and different from other smar watches.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best eSim feature of the smartwatch huawei. But first, we will also discuss some of its prominent features. So if you want to know about smartwatches huawei.

Most Elegant eSim Smartwatch With Ultra-Long Battery Life

Here is the most significant feature that is added to the Huawei smartwatch. This smartwatch contains the best eSim service thou and you can use your smartphone sim number in your smartwatch. No worries if you don’t grab your smartphone just use your smartwatch huawei as a smartphone.

Thanks to this new eSim service through which you can enjoy the same data monitoring, sharing, and many more tasks just like your smartphone. This smartwatch makes a balance between all the features. Its smart design makes it even more attractive and professional. Although it is an expensive smartwatch if you all of its services and features the price will be balanced.

All-Day Health Monitoring

Here we have the most common but superior gesture of this smartwatch. This smartwatch had a professional heath monitoring assistant that offers you over 100+ workout modes and other heath care features including, skin temperature monitoring, SpO2 alert, sleep, and stress measure, and much more.

Super Device And Smart Experience

This huawei smartwatch contains lots of sensors that make it super intelligent. Its collaboration with all the local and regional apps makes it superior. The heaviest running apps can also collaborate with this smartwatch and this is the specialty of this smartwatch.

Now you can easily download the app gallery on this smart series petal map of navigation of your direction and heath app for monitoring your health. Not only apps but the super-smart device can also understand the smart hand gesture control

Different Modes

This smartwatch is going to stun you with its 100+ workout modes and other exercises. This pro-level smartwatch is going to be your best compassion. 17 professional modes 12 outdoor workout modes 7 indoor modes and many more. This smartwatch is ready to do any challenge at any time at any place.

Additionally, this smartwatch contains high-precision multimode GNSS to give you a perfect and stable connection. Thanks to its powerful and strong 3D engine make it the strongest smartwatch in the list of Huawei smartwatches.


In this article, we discuss the most important features of the smartwatch huawei 3 pros. The most interesting thing about this smart watch was the eSim feature that makes it unique from others. If you are willing to buy a smartwatch go to this article to know the amazing features to buy.




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