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Outlook premium features

Several Teams users wanted to quickly get feedback from meeting attendees on how satisfied they were or whether they understood the content of the meeting. Therefore, we have added a new type of rating question to the Polls application in Microsoft Teams. Meeting owners can easily create and initiate rating surveys to increase participation and collect feedback from meeting attendees, as well as share the results in real time. To create a rating question, simply select Rating when creating a new survey in Teams.

We have made some updates to the analysis services components used in data modeling and Power Pivot in Excel. This is a maintenance update for the data modeling engine and will not noticeably change the interactions related to the Excel data model.

Don’t let important information stay hidden in the inbox. The new notification panel in Outlook delivers notifications that are relevant to you in the context of your regular email. The panel gives you the ability to customize the types of notifications you want to receive, including @mentions of documents and emails, travel updates, deliveries and more. To activate the new dashboard, simply select the Notifications icon in the upper right corner of the Outlook window (Note: This feature is initially available for business customers only).

Outlook premium custom domain

How to connect your keyboard to your PCThe steps required to connect a keyboard to your computer, whether wired or wireless, are really simple and apply to both desktop and laptop computers. So, if you really intend to understand

A few weeks ago, Tom Cruise asked users to turn off certain settings on their TV. These effects, activated by default on TVs and give the impression of watching a movie filmed with a camera at very high speed,

Don’t fully trust your newsgroup administrators? WhatsApp has thought of you: the messaging app is testing a new option that will allow you to easily get rid of an administrator, without having to remove them from the group!

Configuring ChromecastBefore explaining in detail how to watch RaiPlay with Chromecast, I want to tell you about the uses you can make of this device in relation to RaiPlay. By connecting it to your TV, you can easily watch all the on-demand content published on it.

Outlook premium

Share a library of hundreds of high-quality console and PC games, with new games being added all the time. Everyone can play at the same time, even enjoy the same game or enjoy online multiplayer games together.

No, you can only share your subscription with people living in your own country or region. If a group member changes their country or region of residence and their location no longer matches that of the primary account holder, they will be removed from the group.

After joining the Game Pass Friends & Family plan as the primary account holder, the time remaining on the previous plan will be automatically converted according to the table below. The conversion ratio is subject to change.

You can disable and re-enable recurring billing through your Microsoft account, or from your console. Learn more about how to stop recurring billing at Microsoft Support.

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Tip: Under the keyboard language settings there is a check box for spell checking. This option is enabled by default, uncheck the box to disable it.

Select Settings & More at the top of the application, then Settings > General. In the Theme section, choose High Contrast. You can also select the Dark or Default theme.

To change these settings at any time, click the profile picture at the top of the application, then select Settings > General. In the Application section, you can disable automatic startup. You can also change the setting so that the application does not run in the background or continue to run when you close the window.

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